Wood, Stone and Metal Prints

Wood, Stone and Metal Prints for Your Business

Do you want to surprise your clients and colleagues with something truly amazing? We can help with that with our new products – wood stone and metal prints.

With the improvement of printing technology, the print materials are becoming more diverse and the print options are increasing. This leads to more choices, more opportunities and the ability to carry out many and varied projects. As a result, you can receive a lot of interesting products you can give as a gift to your customers and partners.

So, if you want to impress your customers with originality, rely on one of our custom print options.

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Wood prints

The wood is a symbol of comfort and warmth. It’s a great way to decorate your home, and now a scary way to turn a book into a unique work of art. Printing on wood is so valuable not only because of the beautiful design that can be obtained from it but also because of the completely different patterns of each piece of wood. With wood prints we can create a unique, limited edition book, to impress your clients or partners.

Metal prints

Metal prints are another great way to diversify your project, making it something to remember. So, using the latest technology for metal-based printing, we will create for you a cover that looks stylish and eye-catching. Contact us to discuss the best possible way to implement the project.

The power of stone

Stone is an element of a cozy interior – placed on a shelf, desk, and niches in modern homes. So, they have the ability to import the strength and softness of truly natural materials. A great gift for your colleagues, partners or clients! This is also an original way to customize your books in beautiful, limited editions.

We can print your next project on wood, stone and metal