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Printing Materials to Grow Your Business

Printing materials will help you grow and promote your business. So, if you want to create the best ones with maximum cost optimization and fast, professional work, we can create for you some of the most famous print materials for your business.

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Flyers are a perfect tool which allows you to communicate, advise, persuade and connect with customers, friends, local communities and families. And therefore the flyers usually are printed in large quantities. By creating customized flyers you can get far better results and you can make your business more competitive, attractive and successful.

However you use them, you won’t go wrong with flyers from HP Media.

For better results, they can have UV varnish coating or lamination. The most frequently used sizes are: A6 (105x148mm) or A5 (148x210mm) and printed on a paper matte.

Not sure how you want your flyers to look? Don’t worry, we have hundreds of free templates ready for you!


Leaflets are used with promotional purposes and are very similar to the flyers but they have one or more folds. They are perfect for conveying a large amount of detailed information while still being compact in size. Choose your paperweights with the option of lamination and fold from A5, A4 and A3 sizes.

So, you need artwork? We are here to assist you in your choices and will work with you to create quality leaflets you will be proud to hand out.


The brochures are one of the best ways to bolster business, large or small. They are one of the most diverse marketing tools and serve as an interactive guide when explaining products and services when you point out key features and benefits to potential customers.

If you decide to work with us for the creation of your brochures, you will have the opportunity to choose from:

  • Custom sized brochures;
  • Specialty papers;
  • All kind of inks;
  • Shiny UV coating;
  • Soft-touch foil;
  • Perfect bounded;
  • Saddle-stitched;
  • With a spiral binding.

Your brochure can and should be more than a piece of paper.


These print materials are advertising pieces with large sizes – from A3 (297×420 mm) to B1 (707×1000 mm) format.

So, if you want to get your message out to a large audience or make a big impact on design and graphics, posters are the vehicle that will serve you best.

They contain a short message and/or image/s printed on one side of the paper. These advertising tools are mostly used in order to promote an event and usually are put on walls or columns.

We will assist you to create your own personalized poster by printing your own artwork, text or photos to any size poster.


Notebooks are the best friend of every professional. That’s why, if you want to elevate your business to the next level, we can make the perfect notebooks for you. You can give them to your colleagues and employees, to your partners, to your customers. As a result, creating a notebook for your business will make you feel and look more professional.

So, if you want, you can create your personal notebook, place your favorite images on the cover and/or inside, with plenty of blank white pages (lined or unlined), perfect for taking notes with business colleagues or customers. Add our professional printing, and you’ve got a notebook that is truly a unique tool for self-expression.

We can print all type of business materials