A few good reasons to share your writing with others before it’s ready

A few good reasons to share your writing with others before it’s ready

Writing a book? Imagine the excitement of holding your printed book in your hands. The joy and happiness you will feel. How will you share it with others for the first time? How will you sell it to your readers? The first reviews you will get.

If you are a writer and currently writing your book, chances are you want to show it to someone when it’s ready, edited, published and ready to be sold. No matter if it is your first book or you already have enough experience in publishing books, the likelihood that you do not want to share with anyone before you are fully prepared is very high. Sadly, in some cases, that’s not the best way of thinking.

Sharing your writing before it’s completely ready with the so-called, beta readers can help you by giving you:

  • A clear view of what people think of your new book;
  • The chance to review and get new, fresh ideas;
  • The chance to change your writing is powerful, unexpected ways.

So, if you are wondering if it’s ok to share your book with others before it’s ready, here is why you need to do it.

To have a new perspective on your writing

If you want to make the perfect book, you may want to share your writing before it’s ready. This will help you understand how other people accept it and will be able to answer some very important questions:

  • Does the story in the book go smoothly?
  • Is the information correctly understood by the reader?
  • Is the text structured or chaotic?
  • What could be changed to improve?

You will get all these important questions if you share your book with someone else before you finish writing. Often, authors write what they decide without knowing if what they say makes sense to someone else. Avoid this by sharing your book before it’s ready.

To have new, fresh ideas in case of a writer’s block

Writer’s block can be one of the worst things that can happen when you are writing your book. It is also one of the things that may delay you on the way to the finished book. Don’t know how to proceed? Can’t make a compelling finale? You are stuck with your ideas and nothing looks good enough? In this case, sharing the text, written so far, with someone else is a great solution. It will give you new, fresh ideas that you can develop and transform your existing text into a draft, ready to be professionally edited and turned into your new book.

Share it when someone needs it

In addition to expressing yourself, writing books is often also about wanting to help others. Whether in the form of motivation, with helpful tips, or as a means of entertainment, when your acquaintance needs to read something new and inspiring, feel free to share your text with him. not only will it help, but you will also get an extra dose of motivation to finish what you’ve started.

Share it when the time is right

If you are writing a memoir or something motivational, and you notice that the events around you are in line with the text you created, share it with the people around you. You will receive feedback not only on the text but also on yourself, and this can be transformed into a positive change not only in your text but also in your life.

Share it when it’s ready

If you have the text ready but aren’t quite sure it is really ready for editing and publishing, the best thing you can do is share it with other people. Gather a group of beta readers and share your creation with them. Make sure there is a professional editor among them who can work on the subsequent processing of the text and preparing it for printing. This will provide you with faster action and take the necessary steps to finish what is started and publish your book.

You have your text ready and need a printing service?

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