The youngest authors in history

The youngest authors in history

Dorothy Straight

The girl is the youngest published author who sees her work printed when she is only four years old. While other children of this age can’t even read, Dorothy writes a story about her grandmother. Her parents sent her to Pantheon publishers who published her work in 1964 when the girl is at the age of six. The title of the book is “How the world begins,” and the story is born one night when Dorothy’s mother makes her answer the question.

Christopher Beale. When he was six years old, Christopher wrote stories in his room every afternoon. Step by step, he reaches up to 1500 words and 5 chapters. The book was published in 2006 under the name of “This and Last Season’s Excursions”. He improves Guinness World Record for the youngest author, surpassing Brazil’s previous record holder with 42 days.

Daisy Ashford

Daisy wrote her book The Young Visiters in 1890 when she was nine years old. The book was published in 1919. With an interesting stylistic choice, the book has preserved childhood spelling and punctuation, as evidenced by the mistake in the title. Despite this success, the book is not Daisy’s earliest work. When she was 4, she wrote a story called The Life of Father McSwiney and was published in 1983.

Alec Greven

He writes “How to Talk to Girls” when he is nine, but finds his publishers after he shows up in Jay Leno’s Show and Ellen’s Show. Among Little Alec’s love advices are – be friendly, enjoyable and fun. He is inspired to write his book after watching his classmates’ mistakes trying to impress the girls. After the stunning success of his book, Alec complements the series of How to Talk to Moms, How to Talk to Dads, and How to Talk to Santa. All of them are published by HarperCollins, New York.

Mattie Stepanek

The boy is born with a rare form of muscular dystrophy, moves only with his oxygen medical equipment and is nailed to a wheelchair until his death… at the age of 14. All this doesn’t stop him from being a bestselling author with his five books of poetry. He starts writing when he is three years old to handle the grief of losing his brother. A poetry book of the young author is being published by Virginia press in 2001 and the boy receives a number of recognitions and becomes a favorite guest at The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, People Magazine and Larry King Live.

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