Top 10 of the most expensive books in the world

Top 10 of the most expensive books in the world

Forbes Magazine makes regular charts. Some are interested, others are not. When it comes to books, it’s always interesting. Even if you can’t believe, there are books that are synonymous with a whole fortune. And unfortunately, they are not in your libraries.

Codex Leicester, Leonardo da Vinci. Sold for $49.4 million in 1994. Guess who the buyer is? Yes, Bill Gates is the proud owner of a handwritten notebook with all sorts of scientific stuff. They obviously help him manage successfully his business and income.
The Gospels of Henry the Lion Order of St. Benedict. Sold for $28 million in 1983, the German government owns this 12th-century work, ordered by the Duke of Saxony.
Magna Carta. Sold for $24.5 million in 2007. One of the only 17 versions of the 12th century book is passed from one American billionaire (Ross Perot) to another (Carlyle Group).
St. Cuthbert Gospel. Sold for $15.1 million in 2011, the Jesuits sold the 7th-century book – buried next to the St. Cuthbert church in 698, and found in 1104 – to the British Library.
Bay Psalm Book. Sold for $14.5 million in 2013, Rubenstein buys one of the 11 surviving copies of this book since 1640.

  1. The Rothschild Prayer book. Sold for $13.9 million in 2014 – medieval religious book, part of a collection confiscated by the Nazis in 1938.
  2. Birds of America, John James Audubon. Sold for $12.6 million in 2010. Contains hundreds of drawings created in the 1920s. Later sold to the art dealer Michael Tollemache from London.
  3. The Canterbury Tales, Geoffrey Chaucer. Sold for $11.1 million in 1998 produced by William Caxton, the first official printer in England. But don’t be in a hurry to enjoy yourself if you have it in your library. Here we are talking about an original specimen of rare value.
  4. A copy of the Constitution and other key documents from the First Congress of George Washington in 1789. Sold for $10.2 million in 2012 Owned by the Women’s Non-Governmental Association Mount Vernon.
  5. Comedies, Stories, & Tragedies (1623), the first book by William Shakespeare. Sold for $8.2 million in 2001, also called “the most important book in English literature”, today is owned by … Yes, anonymous buyer.

If that anonymous buyer is you and you happen to read these lines… don’t hesitate to contact us. We will have a beer and vurst and we will print a free book for you!

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