Is there a connection between paper books and youth?

Is there a connection between paper books and youth?

Believing in miracles is far from being a characteristic of youth. A recent study showed an interesting pattern of young readers – their preference for reading books on paper. And if you still see your grandmother reading from a book, you can be sure that she’s hiding several years of her age from you …

The study, cited in Words Onscreen: The Fate of Reading in a Digital World, states that the printed books are good for long reading and increase the level of understanding of the text. The truth is that the future feeds the past. Especially with regard to books and reading. Making movies makes it possible to watch things that are impossible to put on a theater scene and move difficult-to-do stories to the screen. The same pattern has changed the perception of books – they increasingly look like real, paper books. Ebooks become the easy-to-read literature that can be at hand, or volumes that are difficult for physically comfortable contact.

The preference of the Digital Printing Book is concerned, can be found in many independent bookstores. One owner, Marlene England, says that customers often tell her that they prefer the paper book because it’s easier to track the story. Interestingly, studies show the prevalence of paper book preferences among people between 18 and 29 years of age. Many of the same target spends time in public libraries.

The struggle of textbook makers who want to move their businesses into a more beneficial electronic environment is obvious. According to Pearson President Don Kilburn, moving to the digital space to date does not look like a revolution. It looks like evolution and perceives it as madness.

Evidences can be found in students’ dormitories all over the world, where rooms still abound with books and traditional printed literature, despite the fact that laptops are used more and more in class.

There’s still hope in the youth…

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